About Us


We Buy Houses 


Located right here in the Ark-La-Tex, we can get you quick cash for your house. We are not real estate agents, and you'll never pay us a commission for our service. Since 2001, we have been solving real estate problems for many Louisiana residents.

We are locally owned and operated in the Shreveport / Bossier area and are committed to our community. Our main goal as a Godly business is to ensure integrity on all levels and to provide efficient and effective solutions that resolve issues concerning real estate.
We make our living by serving the needs of the people by buying their unwanted property. We are not a fairy tale company and we won't promise the moon, but we ARE committed and determined to finding a solution that works, and that's a reality. The solution that you're looking for is only a click away. Send us the details of your problem property and give us the opportunity to work with you to come up with a solution that works for you.

Advice For Sellers

  • Sell this UGLY House
    Have you inherited a home you want to sell immediately? Are you a burned-out landlord? Is there an abandoned home in your neighborhood detracting from your home's value?
  • Avoid Foreclosure with our Pre-Foreclosure 911 Program

    We value your trust and will keep your situation confidential. Let us give you CASH or take over your payments ASAP to stop the foreclosure process and avoid future headaches!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I stop foreclosure by selling my house?

Yes, in most cases selling your house can allow you to avoid foreclosure. This will also allow you to protect your credit and avoid further credit problems.


Do you buy mobile homes?
How do you arrive at a price you are willing to pay for my house?
There are many things that are taken into consideration when purchasing a house. A few are as follows: the location, the condition, the cost of repairs, the value of the property once repaired, taxes, insurance, holding costs, etc. We don't pay market price, but we buy AS IS, and can close quickly.
How fast can you buy my house?
Once you fill out your home information, it then can be processed within 24 hrs and if all parties are agreeable, we then can proceed to close on the property. This process can take as little as three days.
If I give you information about my property, am I obligated to sell to you?
In no way are you obligated or bound to sell us your property by the information that you provide us. There are no strings attached.
What do you do with my information?
The information we collect from you is for our eyes only.  The more information you supply us, the better equipped we are to create a workable solution.  Your information is strictly confidential and will not be given to any third parties.
What is the cost of your service?
FREE. There are no underlying hidden fees.
What is your definition of an ugly house?
By definition, an ugly house is just that, an ugly house. Seriously though, an ugly house can mean a number of things: a property that is distressed and needs a lot of work, an abandoned or vacant house, a property that has fire damage, a tenant occupied property whose landlord is tired of being a landlord, a property that can't seem to sell because of location, a property that holds memories of a past family life...and the list goes on.
What kind of properties do you purchase?

We buy all types of properties, ugly homes that need a lot of work, multi-unit apartments, new construction, anything other than a mobile home.


What price range of properties do you purchase?
We purchase properties at all price points.
Who are your typical sellers?

There is no typical seller. Each situation is unique. We work with all types of people in a variety of situations who need
cash ASAP for their property.