Avoid Foreclosure with our Pre-Foreclosure 911 Program

Since 2005, foreclosures have increased by 72% in the United States. Divorce, job loss, a family death or unforeseen medical expenses can happen to anyone causing them to fall behind on their mortgage payments. If you stop paying your home loan, it not only destroys your credit (and remains on your record for seven years), but foreclosure is a financial emergency and requires you to take immediate action.

Losing your home is just that: a LOSS! We understand the emotions involved and have dealt with many people in the same situation as yours. Avoiding the dark stain of foreclosure is the goal we want to help you reach, so you can salvage your credit and in the future, secure new loans.

We value your trust and will keep your situation confidential. Let us give you CASH or take over your payments ASAP to stop the foreclosure process and avoid future headaches! Our average Home Close Period is 5 to 10 days. Click here to contact us!