Despite Tough Financial Situation, Client Makes Profit on Home Sale


"I highly recommend iBuyShreveport.com. Gayle and Patrick made it possible for me to sell my home and make a profit regardless of my situation."


"iBuyShreveport.com took care of everything, from remodeling to putting it on the market, to making sure the buyers were a perfect fit. They made sure I was involved in the process and made me feel that my opinion was important the whole time."


"iBuyShreveport.com is not only professional and ethical, they are reliable and trustworthy, and are able to follow through to ensure that the job gets done. They are willing to help you in any situation, and willing to work using all of their resources, to make it a win for the both of you. iBuyShreveport.com is a tremendous company and has my highest recommendation" - Kim Defee, Shreveport, La


70-Year Old Client Now Sleeps in Safe Neighborhood


"I would like everyone to know that Gayle at iBuyShreveport.com is a good real estate lady. She helped me out in more ways than one. She bought my mother's house in Morningside after she died, and if I had any questions, Gayle was always good to answer them right away."


"iBuyShreveport.com then bought my house in Queensborough on Penick St. which was hard to do because it was run down and in a bad neighborhood, but thank God, Gayle came along. She helped me to get into my new place, and I am so happy here. I'm 70 years old, and can go to bed at night and feel safe. If anybody wants to sell, all they need to do is call iBuyShreveport.com and talk to Gayle." - BAE, Shreveport, La


Personal Credit Rx Cures a Major Financial Crunch


"Three months ago I was in a major financial crunch and my house was not selling. I was in desperate need to get out from under the monthly payments and utilities associated with the house. I contacted iBuyShreveport.com to discuss the possibilities for my house. They were very informative and willing to answer any questions I had. I decided to proceed with the "Personal Credit Rx" program, and Gayle helped me through the process. Since that time, all my payments have been made on time, and I have had no problems with the arrangement. I thoroughly appreciated all the help I received and I am very please with the results." - Sarah Sadler, Shreveport, La


Amazed Client Sells Fire-Damaged Property And Gets Additional $250 Cash for Referral


"I am an investor and had a house on 75th St. rented out that caught fire. This place was scorched. I didn't think anybody would PAY for this place. iBuyShreveport.com said that they bought in any area and in any condition. I was AMAZED that they bought this deal! It was very fast...I think I sold within a week or two after I met them. They were very professional and personable and were always available to answer my questions AND, they did exactly what they said they would do.


In fact, I was so impressed with them, a few months later, I decided to sell a couple more houses I had in the Queensborough neighborhood, and they helped me get rid of them fast too! I am a hairdresser by trade, and I've recommended iBuyShreveport.com to some of my clients, and recently I received a check in the mail from them for $250. Turns out, one of my clients did contact them and they bought his house. And to thank me for the referral they sent me cash! Who does that?? If anyone ever needs to sell a house, Gayle with iBuyShreveport.com is the Go-To Girl. She'll shoot straight with you on what she can or can't do. I was pleased again and again." - Doug Davis, Bossier City, La


Lack of RED Tape + Smooth Closing = Happy Client


"Thank you for the way you handled the recent sale of my house on Chestnut Street in the Pine Grove addition of Shreveport. I especially like the "NO RED TAPE" part of our deal. The closing date went very smoothly. I may want to sell my other properties. When I'm ready, I'll call you! - C.E. Stevens, Joaquin, Tx

Advice For Sellers

  • Personal Credit Repair
    Little to no equity in the home? Behind on your mortgage payments? That's no problem for iBuyShreveport.com. Save your personal credit through our Personal Credit Repair program! We'll give immediate debt relief at no cost to you by assisting you with the existing mortgage and making payments until the property sells. Also, be sure and ask us how we can help you buy your next house without banks or qualifying. Click here to contact us!
  • Out-of-Town Owners
    Live out of town but need to sell? No problem! We'll buy your house so you can avoid the hassle of selling your property on the traditional market from afar.
  • Pre-Paid Title Clearance
    Losing a family member is difficult enough without worrying what to do with the inherited real estate. And if the property's title isn't clear, you will rack up legal fees while the property goes through probate. (Title is the legal paper that claims you are the rightful owner). This can be very costly-especially if you weren't expecting it!
  • Hassle-Free Relocation
    Need to relocate quickly? Have a new job in another state? Home sales have slowed down considerably. Perhaps your real estate agent isn't getting the results you want or maybe you just want to avoid paying a commission? We'll give you cash for your house quickly so you can enjoy searching for your new home rather than worrying about the sale of the old one. Click here to contact us!
  • Sell this UGLY House
    Have you inherited a home you want to sell immediately? Are you a burned-out landlord? Is there an abandoned home in your neighborhood detracting from your home's value?
  • Avoid Foreclosure with our Pre-Foreclosure 911 Program

    We value your trust and will keep your situation confidential. Let us give you CASH or take over your payments ASAP to stop the foreclosure process and avoid future headaches!

Can I stop foreclosure by selling my house?

Yes, in most cases selling your house can allow you to avoid foreclosure. This will also allow you to protect your credit and avoid further credit problems.


Do you buy mobile homes?
How do you arrive at a price you are willing to pay for my house?
There are many things that are taken into consideration when purchasing a house. A few are as follows: the location, the condition, the cost of repairs, the value of the property once repaired, taxes, insurance, holding costs, etc. We don't pay market price, but we buy AS IS, and can close quickly.
How fast can you buy my house?
Once you fill out your home information, it then can be processed within 24 hrs and if all parties are agreeable, we then can proceed to close on the property. This process can take as little as three days.
If I give you information about my property, am I obligated to sell to you?
In no way are you obligated or bound to sell us your property by the information that you provide us. There are no strings attached.
What do you do with my information?
The information we collect from you is for our eyes only.  The more information you supply us, the better equipped we are to create a workable solution.  Your information is strictly confidential and will not be given to any third parties.
What is the cost of your service?
FREE. There are no underlying hidden fees.
What is your definition of an ugly house?
By definition, an ugly house is just that, an ugly house. Seriously though, an ugly house can mean a number of things: a property that is distressed and needs a lot of work, an abandoned or vacant house, a property that has fire damage, a tenant occupied property whose landlord is tired of being a landlord, a property that can't seem to sell because of location, a property that holds memories of a past family life...and the list goes on.
What kind of properties do you purchase?

We buy all types of properties, ugly homes that need a lot of work, multi-unit apartments, new construction, anything other than a mobile home.


What price range of properties do you purchase?
We purchase properties at all price points.
Who are your typical sellers?

There is no typical seller. Each situation is unique. We work with all types of people in a variety of situations who need
cash ASAP for their property.