Need Help en Personal Credit Repair Little to no equity in the home? Behind on your mortgage payments? That's no problem for Save your personal credit through our Personal Credit Rx program! We'll give immediate debt relief at no cost to you by assisting you with the existing mortgage and making payments until the property sells. Also, be sure and ask us how we can help you buy your next house without banks or qualifying. 2016-05-25 Out-of-Town Owners Live out of town but need to sell? No problem! We'll buy your house so you can avoid the hassle of selling your property on the traditional market from afar. Contact us today and let us show you how can make this process a simple and hassle-free one. 2016-03-31 Pre-Paid Title Clearance Losing a family member is difficult enough without worrying what to do with the inherited real estate. And if the property's title isn't clear, you will rack up legal fees while the property goes through probate. (Title is the legal paper that claims you are the rightful owner). This can be very costly-especially if you weren't expecting it! Through our Pre-Paid Title clearing program, we will handle the legal fees to clear your title. Then, when we purchase your home, those fees will be deducted from the purchase price. This way, you do not have to come up with the money before selling the home. Once the title is clear, you'll get cash for the property without feeling the sting of the probate legal fees. 2016-03-17 Hassle-Free Relocation Need to relocate quickly? Have a new job in another state? Home sales have slowed down considerably. Perhaps your real estate agent isn't getting the results you want or maybe you just want to avoid paying a commission? We'll give you cash for your house quickly so you can enjoy searching for your new home rather than worrying about the sale of the old one. 2016-03-17 Sell this UGLY House Have you inherited a home you want to sell immediately? Are you a burned-out landlord? Is there an abandoned home in your neighborhood detracting from your home's value? We'll buy any house, anywhere and in any condition. From Broadmoor to Allendale, regardless of fire damage, water damage, mold, lead paint, no matter, we'll buy it. 2016-02-10 Avoid Foreclosure with our Pre-Foreclosure 911 Program Since 2005, foreclosures have increased by 72% in the United States. Divorce, job loss, a family death or unforeseen medical expenses can happen to anyone causing them to fall behind on their mortgage payments. If you stop paying your home loan, it not only destroys your credit (and remains on your record for seven years), but foreclosure is a financial emergency and requires you to take immediate action. Losing your home is just that: a LOSS! We understand the emotions involved and have dealt with many people in the same situation as yours. Avoiding the dark stain of foreclosure is the goal we want to help you reach, so you can salvage your credit and in the future, secure new loans. We value your trust and will keep your situation confidential. Let us give you CASH or take over your payments ASAP to stop the foreclosure process and avoid future headaches! Our average Home Close Period is 5 to 10 days. 2016-01-10